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Letter from Sept. 29, 1997


To Whom It May Concern,

We first began working with EnviroMax (Solimaster at that time) in the Spring of 1995. One of our first applications involved an onion field just northeast of Warden, which held the water in irregular patterns. The Soilmaster immediately increased water infiltration, and the whole crop jumped shortly thereafter. The entire field didn't show the symptoms of poor watering patterns, however, the response by the whole of the crop leads one to believe that this product had potential as a nutrient uptake catalyst. The farmer in question has been using the product ever since.

Today, EnviroMax is used extensively on steeper fields where erosion is a concern, in the Spring of 1997, applications were made to a number of potato fields whose slope warranted some sort of water penetration and soil erosion control. In fact, some overhead irrigated fields, before applying EnviroMax, had water runoff out the ends of its freshly dammer-diked rows on the very first watering. EnviroMax mixed easily with a UAN-32 and thiosul solution, and, after one application, at two quarts per acre, stopped the runoff for most of the remainder of the season.

Other significant applications of EnviroMax include older alfalfa ground under overhead irrigation. Some areas, in particular circles, showed significant runoff and erosion before EnviroMax was used. After utilizing it at one gallon per acre (in two separate applications) before second cutting, improved water utilization was noticeable. These areas showed majority improved plant growth, thus increasing yields throughout the fields. Pivot erosion was also dramatically decreased in the areas where its wheels were trenching into slopes.


Merritt Wolfkill
David Brasher


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